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An Experienced FL Elder Law Attorney Answers the Most Frequently Asked Questions

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An Experienced FL Elder Law Attorney Answers the Most Frequently Asked Questions

October 15, 2022
Geoff Hoatson

The U.S. population is aging. According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 55 million Americans are over 65. As we age and life expectancies grow longer, our loved ones often face complex challenges related to health issues, increasing medical bills, and asset protection.

At Family First Firm, we are always by your side to help you navigate complicated issues and situations. This article will answer several of the most common questions we receive in our practice. We invite you to call us today at (407) 574-8125 to discuss your family’s unique needs.

What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder law attorneys serve as advocates for the elderly, as well as for their loved ones. There is a wide range of services that fall under the elder law umbrella, including:

  • Wills and estate planning
  • Financial planning
  • Powers of attorney
  • Health care strategies
  • Ensuring that the elderly receive financial and health benefits
  • Selecting long-term care facilities and budgeting the associated costs
  • Protecting the rights of nursing home residents
  • Fighting fraud and elder abuse

Why Would I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

Working with an elder law firm can help ensure that you or a loved one can enjoy the golden years with a sense of independence and financial freedom. Having finances in order and planning for long-term care can prevent financial uncertainty and avoid expensive crisis management.

Elder law attorneys are particularly helpful in situations where a client will be residing in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Without adequate planning, an elderly person is at risk of having their entire nest egg drained in a relatively short period.

The likelihood of someone over 65 needing long-term care is currently 70%. With the average annual nursing home cost of $121,908 for a private room in Florida, it is prudent for families to plan for these inevitabilities.

Does Medicare Cover Nursing Homes?

Typically, Medicare does not cover long-term nursing home care. Though Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital stays, hospice care, and home health care, any nursing home care is limited to shorter-term visits.

Paying out-of-pocket for nursing home care is common, but an elder law attorney can explore your options and plan for care that won’t drain your resources. At Family First Firm, we save our clients an average of $250,000 in nursing home fees.

When Should I Seek the Services of an Elder Law Attorney in Orlando?

Our typical clients are Baby Boomers and the younger end of the Greatest Generation, also known as the World War II Generation. It is often the relatives of our clients who reach out for assistance. Kids, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews want to ensure that the people they love are protected later in life. An elder law attorney aims to achieve that security and protection.

To summarize, if you have a loved one approaching age 65, contact an experienced elder law attorney at Family First Firm for a consultation. We can help you better understand the issues your loved one will face and begin working towards effective strategies that can prevent difficulties in the years ahead.

What is the Difference Between Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney?

When someone has decision-making authority and can act on your behalf, they are said to have power of attorney. This person is an agent who has been assigned to handle your financial affairs through a legal agreement called a power of attorney, which takes effect when you can no longer manage your finances independently.

The power of attorney agreement will have terms indicating the range of influence that the agent has, along with specifications of what triggers that decision-making authority to go into effect and when it can be revoked.

A general power of attorney (often referred to as power of attorney) keeps the option for the principal to assign and revoke the agreement at any time. Therefore, the power of attorney arrangement lasts until the principal revokes it, dies, or becomes incapacitated. Death or incapacitation cancels the agreement because these circumstances negate the principal’s ability to enforce a power of attorney.

As the term suggests, a durable power of attorney can continue beyond incapacitation. A durable power of attorney is common in situations where the principal has Alzheimer’s Disease or another cognitive condition that prevents them from managing the legal and financial aspects. The principal chooses an agent to make decisions regarding healthcare on their behalf.

Contact Our Florida Elder Law Attorneys in Orlando and Altamonte Springs

If you have an elderly parent or loved one, you need to take steps to plan now so you can optimize the situation for both your loved one and your family. Don’t bother searching for “elder law attorney near me” in Orlando or Altamonte Springs. Contact our Family First Firm team today so we can explore your options and begin planning.

In addition to saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in nursing home fees, we are also available to meet within 24 hours. You can reach us at (407) 574-8125 or fill out our online form. Family First Firm — Always by your side.

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