Many people understand they have at least some need for legal advice when it comes to estate planning. They want to ensure that, when their life ends, their assets will be distributed in the way they choose and to whom they choose.

But, as the wonders of healthcare advance, and we find ourselves living longer than ever before, the questions begin to shift from “what happens when I die?” to “what happens when I live longer than expected?” Estate plans do not cover long-life and long-term care scenarios. Only a comprehensive long-term care plan can address your medical needs as you age, and protect your nest egg. Making this happen takes specialized knowledge in the area of elder law.

It’s important to have an elder law plan in place to ensure your family and caregivers know, under no uncertain terms, their responsibilities and obligations as well as where the money for your care will come from and how it will be managed in the event you are unable to manage it yourself.

When it comes to elder law planning in Orlando, I understand that no two scenarios are the same. With me at your side as your legal representation and someone who understands current elder care laws, you’ll avoid many elder care issues, including:

  • Avoiding depleting their money on Nursing Homes and other long-term care facilities
  • Navigating the often confusing rules and laws surrounding Medicare and Medicaid
  • Planning and administering estates and trusts
  • Finding trusted care providers in Florida
  • Implications of difficult healthcare decisions
  • Long-term care insurance needs

Finding the right elder lawyer in Orlando takes on even greater importance as many of the service providers and institutions you’ll come in contact with (hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities) are under no obligation to advise you of your legal rights.

When it comes to the years between retirement and death, your quality of life – and that of your family – can depend on an attorney with a wealth of knowledge in the area of elder care law. I help families in Orlando plan and make the best decisions based on their current situations and the most current understanding of laws and regulations that affect those in the later years of life.

If you need help with planning for these complex issues, call me today. I’m happy to help you.